16 Januari 2012


THE state Drainage and Irrigation Department has built embankments on both sides of a 12km stretch of Sungai Kesang in Ledang.


Hamim Samuri (right) handing flood relief aid to Subari Jumari at the Ledang district office.

The project was carried out to protect the flood-prone villages of Telok Rimba, Parit Sialang and Parit Dahlan.

Ledang member of parliament Hamim Samuri said the department had allocated RM400,000 for the construction works.

"About 90 per cent of the project has been completed," he said at a ceremony to give financial assistance to flood victims at the Ledang district office recently.

Twelve villagers, who were affected by floods last month, were each given RM500 in relief aid.

Hamim urged farmers and livestock breeders who had incurred losses as a result of floods to contact the department for assistance.

Jimiah Siman said his house was hit by floods on Dec 20.

The 74-year-old, who lives at Kampung Kundang in Telok Rimba, said his family was lucky as they had managed to move their belongings to the rooftop.

"We had to do a major clean-up of our house after the floodwater subsided," he said.

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