31 Mac 2011


By Shenton Thomas De Silva

Amran Abd Rahman (seated centre) with members of MDPA Ledang.
Amran Abd Rahman (seated centre) with members of MDPA Ledang.
(Pix by Hai Rozzaman Jalal)

THE community should work closely with enforcement agencies to fight drugs, as well as to educate and inform the public on the dangers and consequences of drug addiction.

Ledang district Malaysian Drug Prevention Association (MDPA) chairman Amran Abd Rahman said the fight against drugs involved everyone and should not be left to the enforcement agencies.

He said a united effort between the public, police, National Anti-Drug Agency and Malaysian Drug Prevention Association would improve the chances of overcoming "the country's number one enemy".

"We hope everyone in this country will play a part in the prevention of drug abuse for the good of the younger generation," said Amran at a press conference in conjunction with MDPA's second general meeting in Ledang recently.

Amran, who is also Ledang district officer, encouraged everyone, regardless of race or religion, to enrol as a member of MDPA to fight drug abuse.

He said the association surpassed its target of enrolling 1,000 members last year.

"We will try to recruit as many members as possible to join the fight against drugs.

"MDPA will continue recruiting youths, especially secondary school students," he said.

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