10 Mac 2011


THE Tourism Ministry wants Tangkak to be promoted as a textile shopping haven in a move to boost the country’s industrial tourism sector.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said the town with its large number of textile retailers has a potential to be a popular textile hub in the region.

She said Tangkak used to be a popular textile centre in the 70s and 80s but lost its popularity after places like Nilai in Negeri Sembilan, was developed.

Fine material: Dr Ng (right) cutting a fabric to launch the fest while Tangkak assemblyman Goh Ti Ti (left), Johor Tourism Committee chairman Hoo Seong Chang (third from left) and Ledang district officer Amran Abdul Rahman (fourth form left) look on.

“Due to stiff competition from these new business areas, that also focused on selling textile and fabrics, Tangkak has become less attractive to shoppers.

“However, we now planning to bring back the popularity and make Tangkak a major tourist textile shopping spot of the country,” she said after launching the Tangkak Textile Festival 2011 recently.

Dr Ng said besides fabrics and textiles, she also wanted the town to have tailors where dresses and curtains could be made fast for the shoppers.

She said many shops in Tangkak sold curtain fabrics and urged traders and designers create and sell ready-made curtains.

Dr Ng added that at the same time, the ministry also wanted the local authority to set up food stalls and restaurants serving dishes that are unique to the area.

“People can name the dishes as Tangkak mee, Tangkak rojak or Tangkak fried rice that should be delicious and cheap.”

She also praised the Ledang district office and the Tangkak district council as well as all textile traders in town for organising the textile festival.

Dr Ng said the Tangkak textile festival from March 3 – 6 would also be promoted as an annual tourism event.

A section of the road in the town would be closed to all traffic to accommodate the retailers.

“We want shoppers and tourists to shop and walk along the road without interference from moving vehicles and encourage the traders to organise fashion shows and exhibitions to promote their textiles and curtains during the festival,” she added.


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