26 Mac 2012


ACCIDENT-PRONE: Difficult for heavy vehicles to pass through narrow bridge

Bridge poses danger to motorists

Residents and road users are urging the authorities to build a wider bridge to prevent more accidents from happening. Pic by Hai Rozzaman Jalal

THE condition of a narrow bridge at KM25.6 of Jalan Bukit Gambir -- Sengkang near Kampung Parit Kassim, near here, is posing a danger to motorists.

It is difficult for heavy vehicles to pass through the narrow bridge.

Sengkang Batu 19 resident Mohd Razik Jalil said the bridge was supposed to be widened as it was the main thoroughfare for motorists from Bukit Gambir to Segamat and vice-versa.

Razik said accidents had been occurring because heavy vehicles were ramming into oncoming vehicles at the narrow bridge.

"To prevent more untoward incidents, the authorities should build a wider bridge to allow vehicles to pass through safely."

Trailer driver Tumiran Melan said a bend in the road made it difficult for motorists to see oncoming traffic from Bukit Gambir.

He said he used his right indicator lights to allow light vehicles to overtake him when approaching the bridge because the latter were often impatient when tailing heavy vehicles.

"Sometimes I am afraid these vehicles would graze my trailer.

"To avoid accidents, I give way to vehicles behind me when approaching the bridge," said Tumiran.

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