16 September 2013


By T.N. Alagesh; Rizalman Hammim; Abnor Hamizam Abd Manap

KUANTAN:  Police are not ruling out the possibility that Lance Corporal Fadzly Omar, who shot dead his wife and father-in-law before turning his service pistol on himself, might have suffered from mental problems or work-related stress.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said police would investigate if there was something that bothered the 29-year-old to the extent that he resorted to such horrific action.

"Police investigations will cover all angles as we want to get to the root of the motive. We do not want such incidents involving police personnel to occur in the future," he said after opening the Inspector-General of Police lawn bowling competition here yesterday.

Bakri said the force would conduct medical check-ups and monitor the health of all policemen to ensure they stayed stress-free while carrying out their duties, adding that anyone facing problems or depression should be given assistance.

In Ledang, district police chief Superintendent Harun Idris said Fadzly had no record of mental illness nor disciplinary problems.

He said police would speak with Fadzly's family and colleagues to see if he had any personal problems.

Fadzly was believed to have shot his wife, Norakma Abd Kadir, 28, at their house in the Felda Chemplak police beat base quarters in Labis, before taking their 3-year-old son on an hour-long ride to his father-in-law's house in Jalan Sialang, Ledang.

There, he was said to have shot Abdul Kadir Md Arif before committing suicide.

Harun said police arrived at the scene to find Fadzly's body in the living room while Kadir, who was shot in the head, was still breathing. Kadir was taken to Tangkak Hospital but died on arrival.

Norakma's brother, Mohd Noorshairazi, 25, said his sister was a quiet woman who never told her family about any marital problems that the couple might have faced, despite living with them while her husband worked in Labis.

He said it was routine for Fadzly to come to the house on Friday evenings to fetch Norakma and their son, Fatih Haziq, home where they would spend the weekend before returning on Sunday.

"My brother-in-law did not display any odd behaviour or lose his temper whenever he was here and my sister would keep quiet whenever we ask her about her husband," said Noorshairazi.

However, Bernama reported that another of Norakma's brothers, Ezam, said Fadzly had, in a casual conversation during Hari Raya Aidilfitri last month, said he was going to shoot someone while pointing to the revolver on his hip.

Ezam had treated it as a joke and never in his wildest imagination thought his brother-in-law was referring to his father and sister.

"He did say he will shoot someone. I thought he was going to shoot some criminals. I never thought he would actually do such a thing," he said outside the Ledang Hospital mortuary.

Ezam said he was at home when Fadzly shot his father.

"I was in the kitchen when I heard an explosion like firecrackers. I rushed into the living room and saw my father and brother-in-law lying in a pool of blood."

In Gemas, Fadzly's 14-year-old brother, who declined to be named, said his sibling did not show signs of stress, nor physical or mental problems each time he returned to his family home.

"He was close to me ever since I was a child. The last time we met was when he came home with his son and wife a month back. We are shocked by this incident."

Fadzly's mother, Norhani Bakar, was too distraught to speak to reporters. Fadzly's father, Omar Ujang, died two years ago.


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