06 Januari 2011


TANGKAK: A multi-national electronics factory here awarded some 1,149 long-serving workers with service certificates for their loyalty.

ST Microelectronics Sdn Bhd factory in Tanjung Agas Industrial Park presented its staff digital cameras and cellular handsets to celebrate the occassion.

The company’s general manager Whang Jindoo said the factory was the first multi-national electronics plant in Johor and had decided to acknowledge its worker’s loyalty.

Loyalty pays: Whang (right) presenting a longservice certificate to Norlia (centre) who has served the company for more than 35 years yesterday.

“We are very proud of their commitment to the company and decided to present them with award certificates and gifts.”

The recipients were those who had served the company for more than 35 years.

Whang said the company experienced rough times last year, but managed to pull through owing to strong support and sacrifices from the staff.

He said the company hoped that the 4,000-odd workers would continue to give their best towards making the Muar factory more competitive.

The general manager said three main areas which the workers, including all the managers, should focus on were quality, delivery and cost and he was confident they could make it happen.

One of the longest serving staff, Norlia Abu Bakar, 56, said she worked for more than 35 years and felt attached to the factory.

She added that the factory was first located near Jalan Timbalan at Tanjung Emas before it moved to the present site at the Tanjung Agas Industrial Park.

Norlia joined the company as soon as she finished schooling in 1974 and worked as a production operator, adding that, she was now a senior production operator.

“I will be retiring at the end of the year but the company has just offered me a two-year contract if I wanted to continue working,” she added.


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