03 Mei 2013



LEDANG: Abd Razak Minhat may be a new face in Serom, but he had already displayed his enthusiasm to vie for the seat against Pas Azmi Ahmad.

Any new faces are subject to be the talk of the town as a junior of its former state assemblyman.

Abd Razak is not spared from that as he is replacing the four-term state assemblyman since 1995, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman who is also the outgoing Johor Menteri Besar.

Abdul Ghani is now being fielded for a face-off against DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang at Gelang Patah parliamentary constituency.
Abd Razak pledges to live up to Barisan Nasional philosophy of People First and Promises Fulfilled.

“Abdul Ghani is leaving his legacy for me and I am equally nervous about the public acceptance. I am grateful if I am given a chance to continue his good works.

“It is said that a newbie should shake the hands of at least 70 per cent voters in the constituency to be remembered well by the residents. So far I have been to almost half of the polling districts here,” he said in a laugh.

One of an admirable trait of Abd Razak, 50, which is an inspiration for this reporter, is his pursuit of lifelong learning.

From a technician, he became an accountant, and is now in his preparation to submit the dissertation for a doctorate in business administration.

“I grew up in Kampung Parit Pelampong, Bukit Kangkar. As a child who grew up in the village, I also had the chance to do rubber tapping, paddy planting and learning Al-Quran from my grandfather, Nordin Mohd Amin,” he said.

Abd Razak is keen to lend his expertise with the locals after spending 19 years in the corporate world including for corporate strategy in Telekom Malaysia Bhd as well as having his own agribusiness and information technology company.

“At one point in my life, I realise that I have to contribute back to the society by helping them to grow in their career or through the community development. I would be glad to join them for gotong-royong, wedding ceremony or terawih prayers during fasting month,” he said.

He shared his plans by guiding this reporter with a map of Serom, on his plans to turn the area into an eco-tourism destination.

I learnt from Abd Razak that he will maximise Serom economy potential based on the geographical and local activities.

“Serom 8 to Serom Baruh is an area of sago palm (rumbia) with a potential to develop shrimp netting and fish cage. Tanjung Agas, which is near to the beach area is for fish collection, food venue and traditional music. Kundang Teluk Rimba to Kesang is where oil palm, paddy, and rubber are grown,” he said.

He said the locals would be able to play their part including women and youth.

Abd Razak said the women and youth can help to plant flowers to beautify the landscape in their community or boost tourism in Serom.

“I plan to beautify the landscape and improve the condition of five roads, which are Belemang to Muar river estuary (25 km), drain and river trail from Kundang Teluk Rimba to Kesang (10 km), village road of Batu 10 to Serom (5km), beach river trail of Kesang to Tanjung Agas (11 km), and shortcuts from Serom 8 to Serom 1,” he said.

SOURCE: NST, MAY 3, 2013

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