01 Mei 2013


 M. Asojan playing the ‘kompang’ with members of the Parit Kassan Dynamic Kompang group before mingling with Gambir residents. Pic by Hai Rozzaman Jalal

GOOD LEADERSHIP: Gambir state seat incumbent M. Asojan hopes that by becoming a politician, he can help more people

FOR Gambir state seat's incumbent M. Asojan, his wife M. Manimala has always been  his pillar of strength and support throughout his political career.

He said Manimala, who is a Tamil school teacher, helped to take care of the family.

"My wife has also guided my children in their education. My eldest daughter scored 10As in her SPM, while my second daughter scored 7As in her PMR," said the proud father of three.

Asojan said his nature of extending help to the less fortunate made him join politics.

"As a person I can only do so much, but I can contribute and help more people when I'm in politics," he said.
Gambir was a new seat created in 2004 and Asojan was the first state assemblyman there.

He said when he first came to Gambir, the town had no traffic lights and there were only a row of shoplots with zinc roof tops.

He said he had also helped solve the problem of flash floods, brought in new development, improved the network of roads, all of which helped spur the local economy.

"We are also soon going to have a new toll, the Gambir toll exit. A bus terminal and sports complex will also be built here. The town's first hotel will also be opened soon," he said.

He said apart from Econsave, the town will also see the widening of roads and new housing projects.

"It is very difficult to find a house for rent now in Gambir," he said.

Asojan said in the nine years he had served as Gambir's state assemblyman, he had turned the cowboy town into a fast-growing town.

"We don't have any government projects or colleges to boost the town's image, but we have managed to build the town with our crops," he said, referring to the town's famous Pasar Borong Tani.

He said the two-storey complex has over 30 traders and farmers selling locally-grown crops and fruits.

"We have people from Muar, Tangkak and Pagoh who come here for cheaper vegetables and fruits. We also supply 30 per cent of the vegetables for northern Johor," he said.

Asojan said as the first assemblyman for Gambir, the town and its people will always be close to his heart.

"I have also shown how I have helped to build and turned the town into a developed one. I hope the people here will elect me again so that I can do more for this town," he added.


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