13 April 2012


REPAIRS: Oil palm workers in Ledang urge authorities to consider their application

proper access road to plantation

A section of the badly potholed road to the plantation at Lubang Ular, near Paya Kebun in Ledang. Pic by Shahrul M.Zain

THE 175 participants of the oil palm plantation project in Lubang Ular near Paya Kebun, Ledang, have asked the state government to consider their recent application for a proper access road to their land to make it easier for them to haul out the oil palm fruits.

They claimed the existing road is badly in need of repairs, making it difficult for them to transport fruits out of the plantation, especially when it rains.

Project chairman Hairuddin Saimin, 50, said the land was previously operated by Felcra Kesang 1 before it was turned over two years ago to the residents to operate the 145ha plantation themselves.

"The road is badly potholed, forcing residents to contribute RM10 a month each to buy rocks to fill up the holes," said Hairuddin.

"So far, we managed to collect RM1,700, but the amount is not enough to repair the two-kilometre road.

"We had already spent RM4,000 previously for the same purpose," he added.

He said the entire length of the road is about 20km.

Resident Sabari Tasrip, 70, said he has been living in the area since 1964, and it has been seven years since he asked for a better road to be built near his house in Jalan Parit Sialang.

The road used by the participants to reach their plantation also connects to Parit Idrus near Paya Kepong.

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