07 Jun 2010


By Chong Chee Seong

AVOID panic buying of sugar as this will create an artificial shortage and public anxiety.

State Tourism and Domestic Trade Committee chairman Hoo Seong Chang, who gave this advice, also said that there was no shortage of sugar in Johor.

He said he had received complaints that consumers in certain districts had problems in buying sugar, adding that this could be due to weaknesses in the delivery system.

Hoo said the relevant ministries had set up monitoring units to ensure sufficient sugar supply in the state.

"There is no need for panic buying or hoard the commodity as Johor has enough supply. By doing so, this will create an artificial shortage and public anxiety," he said at the opening of the Eng Choon Association Malaysia convention dinner at Tangkak, Ledang, recently.

Hoo said officers from the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry were working closely with Customs officers at all exit points to check the smuggling of sugar.

He said stringent checks were also conducted at Johor's coast to ensure those leaving the state by sea did not smuggle out sugar.

He said he had directed relevant officers to check on complaints that the supply of sugar from factories and wholesalers was inadequate in certain areas.

On tourism, he said all districts had set up tourism centres, each equipped with comprehensive tourist brochures and roadmaps.

He said every tourism centre had also drawn up package tours to meet the needs and aspirations of tourists.

"If tourists look for beautiful islands, sunny and sandy beaches, they can go to the west coast. If they want to watch migratory birds and taste the nutritious local food, they can come to Parit Jawa and Muar.

"Go to the textile town in Tangkak if they want to pick the best cloth, or stop at Air Hitam for hand-made pottery and handicrafts."

Hoo said Johor also had many homestay facilities in fishing villages and orchards to enable tourists to stay close to nature.

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