03 Jun 2010


MALAYSIAN Chinese are urged to be more united to develop the community and support the government to rejuvenate the country's economy.

State Tourism and Domestic Trade Committee chairman Hoo Seong Chang said the roles played by the Chinese in the community and nation-building were obvious.

"However, they need to push harder at the current time of need," he said after opening the Eng Choon Association Malaysia convention dinner at Tangkak, Ledang, recently.

Hoo said the association had a strong network of members nationwide and overseas which could play an important role to strengthen the country's economy.

He said the association had played a role in providing education, health and welfare services in the community, adding that it had taken another step in the development of the country's heritage and culture.

"I concur with the view that the rich history of the association must be appreciated by the younger generation. They are the frontliners to carry on with the work."

The association's Tangkak branch president Goh Tee Tee, who is also Tangkak assemblyman, called on members who had old manuscripts, memoirs or relics of the association to donate towards its heritage and cultural centres. He said if the rich history was not preserved, it would sink into oblivion, resulting in a great loss in the treasure of the community and country.

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